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Cultivators are divided into three categories: indoor, outdoor, and greenhouse. Although there is some outdoor cultivation, most cultivation exposure is either indoor with the aid of grow lights, or in greenhouses. There is no coverage available for outdoor crops.


Distributors pick up product from a warehouse or distribution center and deliver to retailers.


Wholesalers engage in the sale of goods or merchandise to retailers or other distributors.


Manufacturers integrate the cannabis and hemp into other edible or ingestible products including, but not limited to: bakery goods, candies, oils, shatters, or other edibles. Manufacturers must produce the edible and/or topical goods in commercial kitchens or approved state facilities, subject to individual state regulations.


Dispensaries and retail operations are eligible for the program. Onsite consumption is approved for retail and/or dispensary classifications unless the state regulations prohibit the use of cannabis and hemp on the premises of the dispensary or retail operation.


Delivery Services must be classified as one of the following:

•Approved classification to patient.
•Approval classification to approved classification (for example, manufacturer to the dispensary).
•Sub-contracted and delivers to an approved classification


Laboratories can be a stand-alone operation, or part of a larger vertically integrated operation in conjunction with other program classifications. All laboratories must adhere to state and local laws in the state they operate in.

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Brian Ruggeri knows what it takes to get Cannabis businesses operational since he’s done it himself, along with helping dozens of others! 

Brian Ruggeri

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